Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pre-purchase a photo package?

No! While you might be most familiar with school photo week, meaning you have to choose and pay for a package before photo day, we don’t require any payment upfront. You don’t have to decide until you see all the photos, where you’ll have a variety of packages to choose from.

What should my day care child wear?

The best clothing for your child is something that’s not going to distract. Think small patterns or solid colours. If you can, try and avoid writing on tops or large logos. But keep in mind that your child will be most comfortable wearing something they love – if this happens to be a bright green Ninja Turtles top, or a well-loved Cinderella costume, then this might be the go!

I have more than one child attending the school, can you photograph them together?

Absolutely, if you have pre-registered your interest we will capture siblings attending the same week that we are there. You will get to view and purchase your sibling portraits in their sibling gallery.


Why do I need to pre-register?

By pre-registering, you are telling us that you are interested in viewing your child’s photos and are providing us with your contact information so we can deliver your child(ren)’s gallery to you. 

You also have the option to request a sibling portrait at this stage too. 

Children who are not pre-registered, may still have their photo taken, and if you miss out on pre-registering, make sure you let us know that you would still like to view the photos by emailing us at [email protected] with your child’s name, school and your contact information. 


What do your packages cost?

We have a variety of packages to suit all budgets and needs. Individual portrait prints start from $15, group/class photos from $35, and print & group packages start from $39. You can explore all the different package options upon seeing your child’s photos.

 When will I see/get my child’s photos?

Photos are made available for parents and families to view/purchase within 4 weeks after photo week. Once you’ve made your purchase, prints will typically be ready for collection from the school or delivered to your home within 10 days.

Are my child’s photos edited?

Yes! In the days after photo week, we will begin the process of selecting, colour-correcting and processing your schools photos so that they are ready for viewing. If your child has a significant scratch on their face that you would like to have removed, please be in touch by replying to your photo gallery email.

Who are we?

We are a Canberran team of highly professional and skilled portrait photographers with over ten years of individual experience photographing children. 
Our directors have experience running highly-regarded and successful photography businesses here in Canberra. 

It’s our mission to bring the knowledge and principles from family photography to school portraits while giving families gorgeous, authentic photos of their children that they will treasure for years. Hence, “Authentic School Portraits”!

What package options do you have?

Digital & Print Packages

Family Packages

Digital Only Packages

Print Only Packages

Simple Keepsake Packages

Gift Packages

Flexible & Customer Focused Solutions

Loose Prints From $15 No Package Purchase Required

Online Gallery For Previewing No Pre-Purchase Required

Free School Delivery