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We believe that every child is unique and deserves to have their personality captured in their school photos.
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Our Mission

At Authentic School Portraits, we believe that every child is unique and deserves photos that represent their personality.

Our goals are:

To create a relaxed and comfortable environment for the children during their photo session by training photographers who are already passionate about photography and love kids.

To provide families and communities with a swift turnaround for viewing and receiving their photos and the option to see their photos before making purchasing decisions. 

To provide a higher quality, more authentic alternative to the typical school photos that are so common.


You’re In the Right Place If…

You’re sick of stiff school photos that are overposed… sometimes even awkward, and don’t capture the natural energy of children.

You’re also frustrated on the behalf of your school’s community who have to pre-purchase photos unseen and most of the time fall short of their expectations.

You’re tired of having the same conversations with school photographers who can’t seem to get it right the first time.

You need Authentic School Portraits

Our team of photographers are here for you if you want better school portraits that show your student’s personality.
Our photographers are specialists at capturing the unique qualities in every child, that’s what makes an authentic school portrait.

What To Expect

A simple three-step process

Schools get in touch with our School Relationship Manager to book a consultation with our directors to tailor the school’s photo experience and photography needs. From there we book your school for Photo Week and start the communication process with families to get them ready and pre-registered.

Pre-registration is the process of indicating that you are interested in viewing a photo of your child for a potential purchase, but note we do not require any pre-purchase of a package to register. This allows our company to spend more time with children whose parents have indicated they are interested in a photo package, so that we can ensure their natural energy shines through.

We will offer a make-up day for any child that was absent during the week of Photo Week, we can offer makeup days for both educators and children.

What you don’t see

After Photo Week we catalog and process the images ready for colour correcting, ensuring the best photos are selected and notifying the school if any children may need a retake.

We prepare the photos ready for online viewing with a range of packages suitable for all budgets.

Approximately four weeks after Photo Week, the photos will be ready for online viewing and parents will receive personal correspondence from us with a unique code to view their own child’s portraits. From there, they can select the best package for them.

Families have 10 days to receive complimentary school delivery. You can anticipate that two weeks after the initial close of the free delivery period for the printed photos to arrive at the school. If parents opt in for home delivery, they will receive these within 10 days of purchasing.

Passionate & Playful Photographers

Communicating with your children in a way that we know children are receptive to. Play-led portraits by people who are passionate about that they do.

Makeup Days

We provide makeup days for educators and children who were absent during Photo Week.

Online Viewing To Purchase

Parents don’t need to pre-purchase their packages, they have the option to view their photos online before making their purchasing decisions. 

Our Story

Janet and Steph met several years ago and established their family and children’s portrait photography studio together in Macgregor, Canberra. Ben came on board in 2020 and over the years, they have photographed thousands of children and families and established themselves as one of the best family and children portrait photography studios in Canberra.

As parents themselves, they were frustrated by the inconsistency in quality school portraits. They decided to establish Authentic School Portraits in 2021 with the belief that every child is unique and should be captured authentically. Their mission is to photograph real personalities and authentic smiles by creating a comfortable, playful and fun environment for kids and educators using “The Playful Approach” to create photos that families will treasure.

With 10+ years in photographing children and families, we have established a family photography studio in Canberra that understands the importance of authentic photos and adapting to children’s needs- because every child is unique.

And as parents ourselves, we know how important these photos can be. So let us capture your child’s personality in a photo that you will cherish for years to come.

We Do Things Differently

The Playful Approach

Authentic School Portraits was established to shake up the school portrait industry, we are frustrated that it has been accepted that school photos are almost guaranteed to be awkward or stiff, and ultimately are not an accurate representation of how the child actually is.

Children don't know how to smile for the camera, but they do know how to smile! We just need to coax that out of them.

So we use The Playful Approach, an approach established by Stephanie and Janet in their many years of photographing children and a technique used to teach photographers how to connect with children quickly and effectively to help them relax and get the most out of their portrait experience. Our photographers take an average of 22 seconds to get an authentic smile.

Not Just One Photo

Because we use "The Playful Approach" our photographers are trained to capture children quickly and in many different ways to provide families with a variety of photos to choose from. While we still work quickly, we work effectively and have a successful approach that allows for not just one good photo, but several! For families looking to purchase more than one photo, they will have the option to see a range of expressions of their child. Our packages allow them to purchase all of the photos, or choose only their favourite.

Family Friendly

Through years of photographing children, we are confident that families will love their school photos and purchase them. Therefore we have adapted and have provided a process that is designed for how families prefer to make purchasing decisions. Families will have the opportunity to view their child's photos via an online gallery and select the package that suits their needs.

Through extensive data and research, we have determined what families want in a photo package. Through this, we have created a variety of packages based on the photo options families want. Our online platform also allows families to design within our packages to select from the range of photos.

Our Personal Guarantee


Passionate Photographers

Passionate and talented photographers with a love and respect for children

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Professional service with a focus on satisfaction across the whole school community


A Positive and Inclusive Experience

We will provide every child with the same fun, inclusive and positive experience


Fully Responsive

Professional and open communication with the school and its community



Integrity for providing swift and exceptional service and finished products for families and schools with an authentic representation of each student.

Swift Delivery

14 day turn around for purchased photos delivered to the school


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